Determinative Pronouns in Russian

Determinative pronouns are words that are used to emphasize nouns and pronouns. The function of determinative pronouns is to define one or more objects in a class of similar ones. In Russian, this group of pronouns includes the following words:

сам, it corresponds to English pronouns ending in -self.
самый, it corresponds to ‘the very’ in expressions like “the very same” or “at the very end”
весь ‘the whole’ , ‘entire’, ‘all
каждый ‘each, every’
любой ‘any’, ‘anyone’
другой ‘another’
всякий ‘any‘ or ‘every’
иной ‘ another’, ‘other’
всяческий ‘all kinds of’

Russian determinative pronouns agree in gender, number and case of nouns they modify.

The article on the website covers the usage and the declension patterns of Russian determinative pronoun.

The original article on SLO: Russian Determinative Pronouns

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