User’s account

Now our users can create their accounts on our site where they can save and review the results of the exercises and tests.

User’s account consists of 3 tabs:

Profile: here the user can find the information about his or her account. Now we display here the user’s email address and the date when the account was created.

Results: results of tests and exercises that the user has done on the site. The results are saved in the account only if the user is logged in. The results of exercises and tests are shown in percents (%), i.e. they demonstrate the relationship between correct answers and total number of answers. For example, if you have answered correctly to 4 from 5 questions, the result of the exercise is 80%.

Settings: here the user can change account’s information, such as the email address or password. It is also possible to delete the results of tests and exercises or delete the account.

In future, we are going to add different features for the users of our site, so this is not the final version of the user’s account.

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