Grammatical gender in Russian

Overview of the article published on the SLO website:

There are three genders in Russian: masculine, feminine and neuter. In Russian, gender as grammatical category is important not only for nouns, but also for adjectives, numerals, pronouns and verb forms.

In the vast majority of instances, the grammatical gender of a noun may be determined by its ending of the form given in dictionaries.

The grammatical gender of animate nouns and the biological gender of their referents usually coincide. However, they may be different, like in nouns denoting professions or nouns of common gender.

The grammatical gender of Russian nouns manifests itself in singular forms of different cases, not in plural, and it determines the endings of adjectives, pronouns, adjective-like words and past-tense forms of verbs in a phrase.

The original article on SLO: Gender in Russian

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