Language game FATEFUL BATTLE

Game on the SLO website:

This is a game for those who want to learn Russian with fun. In this game, you and a wizard named Nestor fight against demons. You need to find the translation of words which appear with demons on the screen.

There a variety of available settings: you can choose the vocabulary topic, change the language of titles in the game, switch on or switch on the music, and also other settings. It’s important not to make many mistakes during the game, as the total amount of clicks is limited (Nestor’s magic power), so you can loose if Nestor’s power indicator will be empty.

The game has 3 modes: easy, normal and hard. The difference between these modes basically consists in the speed of demons, the number of possible mistakes, and total amount of attacking demons.

So, if you want to try it, just go and save the mankind!

See this game on the SLO website: FATEUL BATTLE

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