Word order in Russian sentences

Overview of the article published on SLO website:

In English, the word order plays an important role because it shows the relationships between parts in the sentence (subject, object, etc.).  However, Russian word order is very flexible. The relationships between parts of the Russian sentence are shown by the endings of words (also called cases).

Depending on the grammatical sense and role in the sentence, Russian words have different endings. That is why you can change the words order in a sentence, but the endings of words will be the same and the overall meaning of the sentence will not change.

For those, who start learning Russian there is nothing very important to remember about word order – other than the fact that it is very flexible. Thus, while translating a phrase from into Russian, you can use the word order of the English phrase and native speakers will always understand you.

The original article on SLO website: Words order in Russian

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